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Shree IndRaj Furniture Becomes SHIRF

Furniture marts in Dehradun, the capital city of the Uttarakhand, have been racing in the effort to lead the market with innovative designs and attractive pieces of art. In the same jest to reach to the peak before anyone else can, furniture marts have decided to equip themselves with new and latest technology.

Shri IndrRaj Furnitures were successfully able to understand the importance of the tech support and digitalisation of the businesses. Aspects like branding and marketing are integral to the growth of a business and need experts to assist businesses. Cerebrati Consulting came forward to design a marketing and digital support plan for the furniture mart in Dehradun and assisted them in the branding and marketing aspects of their furniture business.

The team started with the development of a brand for the furniture. With close interaction with the owner and a collaborative approach, from Shree IndrRaj Furnitures, the brand came up to be known as “SHIRF”. Our designing team helped SHIRF to get a highly identifiable logo for itself. Our IT team understood the digital needs of the market and figured out the ways for the business to funnel down the appropriate deliverables for the audience that would reach out to SHIRF’s online presence as potential customers.

We designed a web framework that is highly customizable to be operated and very user friendly to navigate while a backend framework for the owner too to help him edit the changes upon the web platform easily. The team thereafter worked further for SHIRF to help it reach out to the potential market segment in the city as well as outside the city. Through campaigns and engaging activities upon the social media channels of the brand, we aimed to achieve a reach of about 50,000+ potential customers in a single month. Our Omni-channel integrated marketing tools and strategies helped us reach this goal quick and easy.

SHIRF holds a good brand image now in the city of Dehradun with its two outlets in the city. The association since then has been intact and our services have been delivering impressive results continuously. You can visit them @ They are successfully dominating and flourishing in the local market.

Cerebrati Consulting has been continuously assisting the businesses to strive in the market and grow by equipping them with high end tech tools and advisory experts.

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