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Higgler: An Innovation

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

In the era of digitalisation and digital growth, Newspapers, Novels, and Magazines are losing their market at a fast rate. The digital speculations in the recent times have been significantly low for the offline journals and newspapers.

Cerebrati Consulting, in association with Higgler, has stepped into the game with a new innovation. Cerebrati has always aimed to bring forth the tech innovation in whichever dimension of the business possible at the lowest input and at the same time maximising the output. Higgler is an online platform to subscribe your monthly package of newspapers and order magazines and novels online for the city of Dehradun.

We at cerebrati help the associated platform with market segmentation, initial launch, customer engagement, brand activation strategies, and collaboration. Our IT team helped the company to build a highly advanced and responsive web platform and our designers have done a great job at displaying the services better. Our specialised and well equipped content development team has been playing an integral role of managing and creating content for Higgler.

The platform has its own delivery partners named has “Higglers” who are trained efficiently to deliver content quickly and with ease. The services of the platform can be availed at For now the platform serves at specific areas of city but aims to expand faster in future. Higgler soon looks forward to launch its own regional entertainment magazine.

Thus, Cerebrati and Higgler together are trying to give a new life to the Newspapers, Novels, and Magazines through technology and innovation.

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