Our Projects So Far!

Our partners in our journey of transformation have been the most important part of our growth and success.

Data Annotation

It is no more a hidden fact that the artificial intelligence is going to rule the future soon. Not stepping into such space would let the growth of any industry subside. The global data annotation tools market size was valued at USD 390.1 million in 2019 and is projected to register a CAGR of 26.9% from 2020 to 2027. In the same concern, Cerebrati has called for a collaborative project in association with Predictly to go ahead with the booming business in the AI segment.

The two partners are all set to begin with the data annotation services with a brand new software tool scheduled to be launched soon.

Zenith Hospitality Services
Zenith Hospitality has been providing a beautiful and comfortable stay for its residents for long now. This was the time when we realized the potential possessed by the organisation to finally go online and give an automation to its application services as well as a finishing to its general services through tech integration in association with Cerebrati. With an online registration service and portfolio for the visitors to know more about the beautiful campus, Zenith stays for long and competes strong.
Higgler: An Innovation
While the global market is facing the downfall in the sale of print media, Higgler is the name driving the way for them towards a new futuristic opportunity with Cerebrati. After analyzing the loophole creted by the delivery of the print media and not the actual product, Higgler aims to renovate the delivery of content for its readers.
Shree Indrraj Furniture Becomes SHIRF
The journey of a Multi Outlet traditional business to become an online mega mart of furniture through tech integration in association with Cerebrati. With an online sale and delivery system, SHIRF aims to capture a bigger share of the market and keep up with its game in the market.
Dhaba Reborn
With an age of disruption coming in, dhabas and traditional restaurants have lost the same essence they've had since years. Uss Da Dhaba come up as a name which has successfully come forward to lead the way for other to follow with Cerebrati. The integration of modern technological support with the traditional business is going to be a perfect blend for the Dhaba.
Breaking The Walnut 
Where every other traditional business is suffering a low in the market, restaurant segment is highly hopeful from the digitalization with Cerebrati. Walnut restaurant in  Dehradun has joined hands with Cerebrati to capture a bigger pie of the market and make sure its available wherever its customers are.

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