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Tushar Dauthal

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Tushar Dauthal

Making Change That Actually Matters Is The Reason We've Come So Far From Where We Started Off!

At Cerebrati, we have always tried and succeeded to bring in the next most important part of any journey - "change". Not just change, but the change that actually matters. In fact, that is the reason we exist and we've come far from where we started off. To bring in those exceptional changes, Cerebrati also keeps itself up with continual changes which helps us to deliver more to our clients and partners.

What we do today, probably did not exist a decade ago and what we are going to do in the future is probably better than anyone can predict. Our extremely strategized and controlled steps of learning and growth have enabled us to remain high upon our spirits and up with the expectations of our partners. Cerebrati has continued its exploration into highly innovative and diverse fields of the modern world and has brought in exceptional results. 

Our new and upcoming technologies and services, at each step, are designed to produced compelling experiences for our clients and a better experience for our team.

Cerebrati stands out by not being just another name in the industry, but a vision in itself. A vision of innovation and growth that is set to redefine the standards of success in all its ventures. We, as a company, have been committed to exploring new dimensions within the industry by providing innovative, result driven business solutions to our clients and subsequently opening up new opportunities for them.

Prabhu Pandey

Why We're Great >


We, as a
company, have been committed to exploring new dimensions.

Having said that, Cerebrati Consulting has a demonstrated history of creating opportunities for its clients
in the previously unexplored market spaces through a number of innovative and well executed projects
thereby helping them expand their businesses in various aspects. In doing so, we have also been able to
create such a work environment within the organisation that enables us to evolve as we grow.


Putting to use the energy, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit of the young talents along with the
invaluable experience, vision and direction of our mentors, we are set on a jouney to rise through the
success of our partners by delivering exceptional service.